Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Is My Old Blog

At last..I am happy to announce that this is my this is my OLD BLOG! Go and check out the new blog HERE. Also, once you get over to the new blog be sure to update your RSS feeder info. Goodbye old blog...I will always keep you and remember the good times!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

{studio news} New Blog Coming Soon and some good news

{coming soon}
A new wedding website, a portrait website and a new blog!!!
For a peek at recent work and studio news visit my studio facebook page.

And some good exciting news below:)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

{studio news} new look & something sweet

Here is a sneak peek at my new logo! Don’t worry my vintage sofa isn’t going anywhere…stay tuned. In the meantime as an early portrait & wedding website launch celebration I’m offering a portrait promotion. Enjoy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

{studio news} facebook

If the blog seems a bit slow these days it is because...move over blogger blog something new is taking your place. To view recent work please check out the katherine jane facebook page. I can’t write as much as I like to but for now it's a great way to share images while my blog is under construction. Check it out and become a fan...I don’t love that word…I prefer friend.

{family session}

Rohan {pint size session}

Elise {baby session}

Keira { pint size session}

Greyson { one year session}

Archie and Harrison {family session}

Eli {newborn session}

Chuck and Kelly {married}

Pete and Lindsey { married}

Mike and Beth {e-session}

Pat and Cara {e-session}

Kyle and Arica {e-session}

{family session}

Saturday, August 7, 2010

{studio news} I'm back

It is good to be back. I had a great vacation and photographing Hannah & Craig’s destination wedding in Denmark was unreal. Loving my life right now!

It’s also exciting to be back home, reunited with Ernie (my dog child) and to be back in the studio. Let me tell you what is brewing over at katherine jane photography.

1. My studio name is katherinejane but after 5 years of magazines, venues and couples writing my name as katherine jane…. I’m making the switch from katherinejane to katherine jane.
2. Websites. I know! Everyone has been asking me when my new wedding and portrait sites will be ready. Sept 1st is my new launch date. It will be so rewarding and exciting to see the final products…and yes I will be having a launch party complete with my favorite food {cotton candy}
3. I’ll be having a huge portrait extravaganza during the month of September in celebration of my new portrait website. Please check out the katherine jane facebook page in the next week or two for more details!
4. Upcoming weddings. Looking forward to creating killer images for Kelly & Chuck (getting married today!!), Lindsey & Pete (I know all about the details of this day and can hardly stand it) and Sharmila and Cabul’s 3 days wedding celebration (yes I said 3 day wedding celebration!)
5. Finally here is a self-portrait of Chris and I. We are both pretty camera shy but I just love this image. It was taken last weekend while we were in Iceland. As you can tell it was a tad bit windy. Okay off to hide because he is going to kill me for posting this on my blog.

Craig & Hannah {married} sneak peek

Hannah & Craig’s destination wedding in Denmark was unlike any wedding I have ever photographed. Tiny church, 12 toasts, flags, espresso bar, pastry bar, and 4am hot dog cart!
Here are a few sneak peek portraits from their day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

{studio news} vacation & destination wedding

{studio news} vacation & destination wedding

The studio will be on vacation from July 14 - July 27, then from July 28-Aug 4 I’ll be in Denmark photographing Hannah & Craig’s destination wedding. I'll have limited email access during this time. Emails will be answered every couple days until my return on August 5th. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{married} Sean & Lisa Ocean Cliff, Newport RI

A new blog is coming to katherinejane photography. I’ll be posting sneak peek posts until the new blog is launched but full posts can be found on the studio facebook page! Sean and Lisa had an insanely fun wedding. Check it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Henry and Ethan {baby session} 8m

These boys are edible. Twins and brothers. They belong to Matt and Beth (wedding clients of mine from 2007) and they are lucky enough to live in the gorgeous state of VT. Henry and Ethan already have mini life vests and can be found boating on Lake Champlain with their parents and dog brother Stich.

{special thanks to Shelburne Farms and their staff who not only allowed us to photograph on their grounds but also delivered up a cheese plate and wine!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

{sneak peek} ken & jocelyn {mexico.6.13.10}

Just a peek at Ken and Jocelyn's stunning Mexican wedding. Lucky me;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

{studio news} destination wedding

The studio will be on location in Mexico photographing Ken & Jocelyn's destination wedding from June 7th-15th. I'll have limited email access during this time. Emails will be answered every few days until my return on June 16th. Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

{pint size session} Maggie

I'm in love with Maggie. Busy in her garden, walking down the street, chatting with friends. Her red hair...so cute!

{sneak peek} mark & kirsten. vermont.5.29.10

Mark and Kirsten had the perfect VT lakeside wedding. I mean perfect as in perfecto. Flower dog, sunsets, vintage surprises and purple shoes. This is just a sneak peek!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{newborn session} twins. Max & Owen

Met Max and Owen. They are twins and so sweet. These guys hold a very special place in my heart☺. I have not seen their parents {Gina & Doug 2007} since their wedding day and seeing them now as parents was just beautiful. Congrats!

{Studio news} what’s new at katherinejane photography

{wedding kick off}
The first wedding of our 2010 season is almost here!! Mark and Kirsten’s wedding celebration will be taking us to the shores of Lake Champlain in VT. Insert huge smile here.

I just resigned the studio lease for another 3 years! I love my space, the community, the location and the ice cream shop that located way too close me. I just purchased something insanely fun for the studio…it’s a surprise so stay tuned.

Inhale. Exhale. Who in their right mind launches two new websites at the same time. I do that’s who! My new wedding and portrait websites are about 16 days away. My designer just sent me my new look and it was love at first sight. I really can’t wait! My family and friends will be happy to have me back☺